How to avoid getting sick while traveling


 Getting sick as an unfortunate thing that can happen while traveling. You or your family can get sick and then spread it to everyone else she was on the trip.  Here are some things you can do to help avoid that from happening.

 Eat right

 Avoid acidic foods such as wheat, lots of red meat, cokes, sodas, and corn.  Eat lots of raw alkaline foods such as greens vegetables orange juice and beans.  My sister works at a Little Rock Tree Service Company and she used to always get sick.  She changed her diet and included lots of alkaline raw foods and now she never get sick.  She did however started getting more sleep and follow the other tips on this article.

 Get enough sleep

  Your body needs sleep to repair itself.  Traveling can take its toll on the body be sure to get plenty of rest whenever you can.  Jet lag can also cause stress and lack of sleep.

 Avoid other people

 While traveling it is common to you’re through airports and other public transportation that is why you should  avoid other people the most you can.  Try to sit away from people who are coughing sneezing or just look dirty in general.  Always keep some hand sanitizer with you and sanitize after touching any public surface.  If somebody starts coughing or sneezing nearby all it takes is one little air water droplet in the air to infect you.  Cover your face if you think someone is coughing or sneezing in the area around you.

Wash your hands

 Always wash your hands while traveling much more so than you would at home.  Many people in the world often use the bathroom and don’t wash their hands afterwards.  After that they like to go and touch everything in public places such as door handles money Coke machines countertops handrails and more.  Even though the employee at McDonald’s wash their hands the money that they touch could have touched the hands of someone who just touched their butt in the bathroom.  It’s not worth getting sick to save half a minute to wash your hands.