Tips For Speeding During Roadtrips

 Often times we find ourselves traveling well above the posted speed limit while on a road trip.  Here are some tips to help keep you out of jail and in free from tickets.

 Look Ahead

Always be vigilant always be looking at the horizon or around the corner it only takes a split second for a  law enforcement officer to take your speed via radar or laser.  If you have vision problems consider getting  contact lenses or glasses as these can be a great help when looking out for the police.  In addition  fighting law enforcement having great vision can also spot hazards up ahead such as people checking their mail people on the side of the road and even deer trying to enter the roadway.

 Get a radar detector

 Radar detectors are a great weapon in your arsenal against the war on speeding.  You will often find the police sitting in certain tactical areas where they can take people speed via radar or laser but also remain hidden from site at the same time.  If you have people ahead of you on the road,  your radar detector will pick up the police taking their speed before they take yours.  Pay attention to your radar detector and slow down if you think the person ahead of you is being hit by radar.  In my personal experience always keeping someone in front of you is one of the best things you can do as the police cannot take your speed through their car they must take their speed only.

Don’t Look Like A Bum

 That’s right I said it don’t look like a bum.  The police are very judgmental unfortunately and if you look poor or like you could be on drugs,  you will be more prone to tickets and searches.  Try to drive a nice-looking vehicle and if you don’t keep the one you have in good shape and clean.  Dress nights if you can and keep the inside of your car need an organized. If you look like a slob the police made judge you as lesser of a person.  Also keep your registration and tags current and also make sure all your turn signals and lights are functional.