Traveling to Taiwan on budget

Taiwan, an East Asian country and one of the densely populated places on the planet, is so affordable that it seems to force everyone who travels there to be on a budget. You are sure to get a lot for less. Taiwan is an island nation off the coast of southeastern mainland China and is officially under the Republic of China. Unofficially, the residents of Taiwan believe they are not Chinese.

Indeed, when Donald Trump came to power, he for a while toyed with the idea of recognizing the state of Taiwan. The people of Taiwan thought this was their time to be free and were excited, but then Donald Trump backed down after pressure from China. Languages spoken in Taiwan include Taiwanese, Hakka, Mandarin (mostly spoken in the North) and other Asian dialects.

The currency is New Taiwan dollar, which you can exchange on the island or away. To get the best rate, exchange your money on the island. The airport has a window open 24 hours for currency exchange. Taiwan is one of the safest places on earth.

Although a small island, there is so much to do. There are plenty of natural beauties in the form of impressive mountains and beautiful forests. The heart of all entertainment is Taipei, where vibrant events are held. Even as it maintains its uniqueness, Taipei offers Chinese dishes with Japanese hospitality.

Travel to Taiwan, as said, is affordable, but you can still scale down if you are on a tight budget. The following are ways you can minimize expenditure while traveling to Taiwan:

Buy at the Open-Air Night Markets

These night markets are not popular only in Taiwan big and small cities, but also throughout Asian countries. The markets, packed with vendors, offer much entertainment, food and shopping at affordable prices. In one of these markets, you can cheaply buy lingzhi; a popular no-side-effects Chinese herb said to cure almost all ailments.

Use Public transport

To save money, avoid taxis. Taiwan public transport is cheap as chips. The buses are clean and reliable in terms of schedule. You can travel from one city to another at affordable rates. The drivers are polite, and the roads are generally safe.

Apart from the vehicles, you can use the regular trains to travel across the country. Avoid high-speed trains, for they are expensive. You can opt to hire the motorbike to tour the country on.

Budget Accommodation

Accommodation is generally cheap in Taipei, but if you are on a tight budget, Eight Elephants and Dreaming Dragons are highly recommended. They are located in a charming, remote part of the city. There is also Meander in the city center. You will come across many other on budget guests with whom you will gladly share money-saving ideas. Birds of a feather flock together, after all.

Visit government-owned museums

The government-owned museums are generally cheaper. The public zoos are also affordable. You only pay about NT$60! You can also visit pocket-friendly parks like National Palace Park and Taroko Gorge National Park.

Surf with the free Wifi in Taipei City

The government initiated a free Wi-Fi program for all citizens. Registration is simple, and there are hotspots in the entire city. Make good use of it and save the money you could have used in internet data bundles.

If you’re in Taipei, then you can take advantage of the city government’s initiative to make Wi-Fi freely available to all its citizens. It’s effortless to register and use, and there are hot spots all over the city.


If you implement these insights, you will save a lot.